• Jamboree (map)
  • 566 Cable Street
  • London, England, E1W 3HB
  • United Kingdom


...is a collaborative project.

May and Aaron will be performing alongside Daisy Palmer on drums (Rae Morris, Goldfrapp, Lillian Boute) and Jo Silverston on cello (The Unthanks, Red Clay Halo, Frank Turner). The relationships in the project go back many years and so here you will find a deep and loving history woven through the music. Gibbs has many guises but here you will find the most intimate version of her heart and soul played out in piano, various electronic and acoustic orchestration. Strange lyrics link the micro events of the everyday with the philosophical and moral reflections of humanity as a whole. She fails to do a lot and hopes to include that inadequacy in her music so as to unite audience and performers in an acceptant dialogue of potential beauty and pain of fantasy and reality interacting, suffering and ecstatic experience. Feeding from meditation, anxiety and very aware of her position as a youngish middle-class English woman, she only looks to touch you if you are willing and hopes to receive something back in exchange.


Jilk fuses a bewildering collage of home-found sounds with the ambient soundscapes of washy synths, insect-like clicks & cuts, and huge gorgeous waves of all encompassing experimental noise.

A Bristol based producer who started out as one man and his lap top; 10 years later Jilk are now a collection of musicians whose live shows create a spectacle of orchestral electronic ethereality.

Watch: http://bit.ly/2b82Yz9
Listen: http://bit.ly/2bBExsm

Advance tickets - £6

On the door - £8

Ticket link HERE

Live music between 7.15pm - 9.30pm