Since we began our monthly gig series in 2013, we've been fortunate to work with some truly exceptional musicians and artists. See below for a list (in alphabetical order) of performers with links.


            Adriano Adewale   Aerial Spires   Alice Phelps   AMBER BURGOYNE                   Ayanna Witter Johnson   Balladeste   Bernhard Schimpelsberger   Dear Pariah
DOLLYman   Firefly Burning   Flora Curzon & Francesca Ter Berg   Flux          Geffin Brothers   Gold Vox   GRIS DE LiN   iYatra Quartet   Jetsam   Jyotsna Srikanth   Lambrego   Max Baillie   May Gibbs   Moira Smiley   NEW ADVENTURES Òkina    Quest Ensemble   Quinta   Roxanne de Bastion   Saied Silbak & Filipe Sousa   Young Waters   Sousa & Ang   Strobes   Tell Tale Tusk     THE GREENERS   The Nightjar   The Little Unsaid   Thidius   Tiu & Tara   Tonzee    Voice    Vula Viel    YOU ARE WOLF